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3D Printing Services

We are an independent 3d printing studio based in the heart of Transylvania

Don’t waste any more time and make your projects come to life!

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Our printer

Our printer is the Leapfrog Creatr HS, a multi-functional, user friendly 3D printer with an integrated display and compatible with a wide range of filaments.

Used by engineers, architects and teachers to add value to their work, the Creatr HS is a highly versatile and reliable machine perfect for our 3d printing services!

We also 3D Scan

Using the latest technology in 3D Scanning, we can scan a variety of things including a person. The resulting print is just great!

Sense 3D   Scanner

You hold it in your hand and move around the object to scan it. The scanner projects a patterned infrared (IR) beam onto the object from the bottom opening that is then detected by the middle webcam. On the PC, the included software then translates the information into the shape of the object.


Are you astudent?

We hold dear to our customers who are studding design or architecture, that’s why we offer student discounts!